Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
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Fun Stuff

Short Approaches into Concord (Remos GX)

Google Earth Tours
When not flying for real, I sometimes like to explore in Google Earth. Here are some tours of interesting routes that I have done - in some cases many times with students.
To fly them in Google Earth, click the "Play Tour" button under the "Places" window. The tours will be loaded into the "Temporary Places" section.
  • SF Bay Circumnavigation - Land 8 times at 6 airports, flying past 3 others. Something like 14 frequency changes. I do this as a training route for advanced students.
  • Wine Country Airports Tour - A tour of the airports in Napa/Sonoma region that I commonly use for Cross-country training
  • Mammoth Pass - Crossing the Sierras from East to West from Mammoth airport via Mammoth Pass.
  • Tioga Pass - Crossing the Sierras from East to West via Tioga Pass, from the vicinity of Lee Vining airport.
  • Lake Tahoe Tour - From Concord, to Placerville, to South Lake Tahoe, to Truckee, to Blue Canyon and back. A typical flight for advanced private pilot students to get some exposure to high altitude airports.