Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
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Why get an Instrument Rating?

Safety: Statistics show that instrument rated pilots have a substantially lower accident rate than VFR only pilots. More than half of the weather related fatal accidents in 1996 were due to continued VFR into IMC flight. With the training an instrument rating provides, you will have the skills to fly the airplane safely back into VFR conditions.
Flexibility: The instrument rating gives you options. You can depart on a scheduled trip when the morning fog is grounding VFR only pilots. When you arrive at your destination, you know you can descend through the marine layer that is between you and the airport.
Fun: Yes, instrument flying is fun. First you are punching through small cumulus clouds as you are being vectored to final, then gradually sinking into the stratus as you descend on the ILS. You get a sense of the speed of your airplane as the wisps pass you by. Then, descending into the marine layer, the solid gray outside gets darker as you get lower, until suddenly the runway appears before you exactly where it should be. The satifaction of a successful instument approach is one of the greatest pleasures in my flying experience.

Want to save some $$$ on your IFR training?
This is (in my opinion) the best way to do it: buy the ASA IP TRainer software with the CH products yoke (note: you do not need, and the softare ignores the rudder pedals when running this software).

If you buy this software, and use it as serious preparation before flying with an instructor, you should find your time with your CFII to be more of 'refinement' and checkride practice than anything else. I cannot recommend this simulator enough!

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