Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
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flying lessons

These pictures, as with nearly all others on this site, were taken by me, or someone in a plane with me, while flying in California, Oregon, Nevada, and Hawaii.
Exploring the Idea of Flight Training?
Kevin Hanrahan is an FAA Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) and Certificated Flight Instructor Instrument (CFII) providing flying lessons in Concord, California (Concord Buchanan Field Airport - CCR). Concord, CA is an excellent location for flight training, offering quick access to nearby practice areas, several close by uncontrolled and controlled airports, and the opportunity to learn to fly and work in the busy airpaces controlled by San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose.

Kevin provides flying lessons for Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot certificates, as well as for the Instrument Airplane rating, on a part-time basis, primarily weekends and evenings.

If you would like to learn to fly, and live in the San Francisco Bay area - particularly the East Bay - explore my site and send me a note if you want more info.

Kevin provides Flying Lessons at Buchanan Field in Concord, CA. Learn to Fly with Kevin Hanrahan, CFI/CFII.