Flying Lessons: Flight Instruction in Concord, Ca (Buchanan Field)
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A typical intro lesson is approximately 1 hour, and roughly covers the blue route below. Of course things like fog, or the Navy Blue Angels performing, can make this route impossible from time to time.

It is also possible to continue down the coast and land at Half Moon Bay airport, where we can switch pilots (if you are doing your first lesson together with a friend), or even get a bite at one of the several excellent restaurants that are a short walk from the airport.

I generally do not recommend the 30 minute intro lesson, as it goes by so quickly that you really dont have a change to see or do much.

During your first lesson, you will taxi the airplane, perform the take-off and execute climbs, descents and turns. You will get an understanding of trim, how the plane flies with different flap settings, and experience slow flight. You will fly the airplane into the traffic pattern and set up and fly the approach to landing. I will take full control of the airplane only just before the actual landing.

Looking for giving a flying lesson as a gift? No problem! It happens a lot, and I am happy to help you fulfill someone's life-long dream.

How much does it cost?
Short answer: $150 for 1 hour in the Cessna 172 (this is about a 90 minute lesson - with an hour of acutal airplane time)
Long answer: It depends on the airplane and the length of the lesson.
The cost, like all lessons is based on the airplane rental cost plus the instructor time.
See the Airplanes page for the rental rates for each airplane.